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    Sunday, April 15th, 2012
    7:58 pm
    Best intentions...

    Well, that was interesting... I went to Druid Hill to work out, and as I was running around the reservoir, I saw that a large, heavy drain grate had been pried up and a branch stuck into the drain. Curious about why this had been done, I looked into the drain and saw a beautiful striped face looking back at me. There was an older man there and a woman walking her dogs. She told me that she did a lot of cat rescue and asked if I would be willing to try to carry this cat to my car and drive it to her house. I bent down to pick it up, and she or he nuzzled me and crawled into my arms without any problem. Unfortunately, before I could take a step, the dogs started fussing and the older gentleman started to close the grate. The cat seemed to react much more strongly to the grate being closed, and panicked, jumping out of my arms and tearing off at a dead sprint. We realized, unfortunately too late, that this was probably a mother we had just pulled away from kittens. We reopened the grate, and went on our way, hoping that the animals would have more sense to work things out than we did.

    Saturday, March 3rd, 2012
    1:56 am
    as i complete my 33rd journey around the sun...
    it's taken me nearly two days to read through all of the birthday greetings, and i've just gotten home from a second wonderful dinner with friends.  i have to say that i have been overwhelmed by the love that's been thrown in my direction over the last 48 hours.  all of you, all my friends and chosen family, are what make this amusement park rider around and around the sun worth taking.  thank you for making this go-around so special and for making me look so forward to all the ones to come.  i love you all.  
    Tuesday, February 28th, 2012
    10:51 pm
    my mother just sent me a link to "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore", which is apparently the Oscar winner for Best Animated Short Film this year.  It is beautiful, jubilant and uplifting.  And a perfect thought to have right before my birthday.  In the end, our only purpose in life is to be the best "us" we can be, and then share that love with those around us.  I hope you all enjoy this as much as i did.  

    Wednesday, December 7th, 2011
    4:45 pm
    Have a Holly, Jolly, Fuck-You-We're PayPal Christmas...
    Ok, everyone.  Regretsy and PayPal.  Let's sum up...
    So, first, this happened.
    And then there was some crazy huge internet rage, because apparently PayPal is one more corporation who hasn't figured out yet that the ubiquitous nature of social media on the internet means that news like this travels more or less instantaneously to every single interested party in the world at once.  
    Geek Girl Blog did a pretty comprehensive summary of what was going on to date, as well as providing quite a lot of additional information pulled from PayPal's website, specifically their Terms of Use that they claim Regretsy violated:
    The Huffington Post got in on things right around the time that PayPal, reeling from an internet shitestorm that quite probably crashed some of their servers, began issuing statements of apology.
    Here's more commentary on PayPal's response by The Insider.
    (if you read the comments, there are some pretty funny comments by people pointing out that PayPal had to change their representative's avatar picture halfway through the day because in the original version he was sporting a massive shite-eating grin.)  
    Note, that at the time the PayPal statement claiming that they were resolving things with Regretsy was released, Regretsy had not actually been contacted yet by PayPal.  That seemed to change within a few hours.
    Finally, here's the resolution of the whole thing from the Regretsy blog.  To no-one's surprise, it turns out the PayPal's claims of Terms Of Use violation are completely, 100% false.  Regretsy never violated a single policy, and the only thing that it did wrong was have the bad luck to have their account reviewed subjectively by a PayPal agent who was completely unaware or misinformed about the policies of the company that he worked for, and made a completely incorrect judgement call.  The agent then followed up that completely incorrect action with a string of customer service so bad that it couldn't have been worse if his job description was "Provide Unfathomably Bad Customer Service."  
    So, to sum up in finality, i'll use the words from the Regretsy blog:
    Do I think all of this will make a difference? Do I think this will usher in a new era of accountability and raise the level of service Paypal provides their customers?
    Hell no.
    But I will say this: we got someone to pay attention.
    I will be looking for alternatives to PayPal so that i can hopefully close my account with them and use another service.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  
    Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011
    6:54 pm
    giving thanks
    there are a lot of things right now in my life that are challenging.  for the last four years i've been out of work more often than in.  i've endured some pretty serious betrayals of my faith and friendship.  but more often...MUCH more often...i've been blessed with amazing experiences, remarkable opportunities, love that i never thought i'd deserve, and a touch of magic.  I've also been surrounded by some of the most incredible, wonderful and inspiring friends and family (both blood and chosen) that anyone could ever ask for. 
    So, on this day, and on every other day, i am thankful for this life, and for all of you in it. 
    thank you : )    
    Monday, November 21st, 2011
    11:18 pm
    some thoughts today about Occupy...
    Unlike many people, I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing that the various "Occupy" movements don't always have a "clear" or "unified" message. However, i'm starting to feel like there's a disturbing pattern developing with many of them, and it's this: "if you open your mouth to speak out against something you think is wrong, the police will smash you down with as much impotent rage as they can muster."  Unfortunately, that might be the missing unified message of the Occupy Movement - the creeping revelation that the power of the people has actually long ago been snuck away by corporations and the voice of the people is far, far weaker than we thought it was.

    I worry that we might be coming to this revelation about ten or twenty years too late.  

    I worry that we are only now realizing that the corporations have, in fact, established a form of modern tyrannical feudalism and established a firm hegemony and control over quite a few large governments including the United States and the European Union.   I worry that we may have gotten to the point where the modern global business network has been structured in such a way as to neuter the ability of the people to enact real change.

    Once, workers who were being treated badly by their companies had a solidly powerful weapon against that company: the strike. Companies once needed workers to generate profit, whether those workers were manufacturing goods, mining ore, drilling for oil, or building and maintaining the infrastructure that was required for those companies to continue to make money.  Today, however, most corporations make billions by engaging in pure abstract financial manipulation, requiring them to deal with neither the manufacture or sale of physical goods and commodities.  Today, if the workers of a corporation strike the corporation can swiftly and easily fire those workers and replace them with cheap labor from China or third-world nations (if they haven't already).  

    Without the power of the strike, the common people have lost one of their most powerful and direct methods to meaningfully and negatively impact the cash flows of these corporations - the only way to enact real change on the corporate level.  

    Make no mistake - the global corporate hegemony has been working deliberately and inexorably to push the development of the global economy in this direction.  This has been coming for years, and I worry that we have come to the realization of this fact too late.  We may have, without even realizing it, moved from speculative fiction to a distopian fact where the 99% really are irrelevant and powerless and the might serves only the money.  
    9:53 pm
    Black Friday Sideshow and Burlesque Variety Cavalcade

    Black Friday Sideshow and Burlesque Variety Cavalcade

    Friday, November 25, 
    Doors 9:00pm
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    The Cheeky Monkey Sideshow and Valentine Candy Burlesque, with Special Guest Maureen Andary of The Sweater Set!

    One nerdy guy, four talented and beautiful women.  Boobies!  Danger!  Music!  Comedy! No getting in line at 4am to fight over a barely-discounted XBox… WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?

    Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
    8:20 pm
    Valentine Candy Burlesque Presents: Freaks & Oddities!

    Valentine Candy Burlesque Presents: Freaks & Oddities!

    Friday, November 18 at 8:00pm - Saturday, November 19 at 1:00am

    The Red Palace
    1212 H Street NE
    Washington, DC 20002

    Two shows at 9:00pm and 11:00pm

    21+ with ID

    All for the bargain price of $10.00!

    We know you like it strange and just a little bit weird, so come and take a peak behind the curtain for our Freaks and Oddities Burlesque, Variety and Sideshow!

    Our host and Sexy Sideshow performer is the amazing Mab Just Mab!

    Special Guest Stars include the Lusciously Gorgeous Maria Bella of Gilded Lily Burlesque, the Exotic and Exquisite Belly Dancing of Naimah, the Steamy Sultriness of Candy Del Rio, and the Wildly Weird Reverend Valentine, with Undeniably Adorable stage kitten Adora Coquette.  

    Friday, September 23rd, 2011
    11:46 am
    things fade...

    it's a rainy Mabon, and my reflection in the mirror looks sad.  

    Mabon is one of those especially quirky holidays in the neopagan Wheel Of The Year.  I've discussed before how neopaganism takes hits for being a "made-up" religion and how silly a thing that is for critics to fixate on.  All religions were "made-up" at one point or another.  the only difference between Christianity and Neopaganism is that we are watching Neopaganism form and grow now, and also possibly because the prevalance of glitter and lack of martyrs makes it a wee more challenging to take things seriously.  regardless, even in a tradition as loose and fluid as modern neopaganism, Mabon feels a bit stuck in.  

    Which is odd in itself, because it is, at its core, one of the more easily-understood of the festivals.  in a proper world, with proper cycles of planting and growth, the harvest is coming in.  people are counting and storing the fruits of their labors througout the rest of the year.  they are hoping that they have enough stored bounty to last them through the cold winter months.  The God - symbol of passion and will and joyful workings - is dead, the full product of his year's efforts collected and stored in preparation of another year.  The Goddess - symbol of bountifulness, protection and guidance - has left us, retreated into the Underworld to reflect and mourn on all that has been done and undone.  The Darkness rises ascendant, turning the Light's face away from the world.

    now is the time to take stock of the things you have done this year, to reflect on that which you did not accomplish, to pray that you have set aside enough of the harvest to sustain you through the darkness, and to celebrate with friends and family with the excess.  

    for me and most of my friends and family, these are not times of excess.    

    i look around me and see more that has been undone than done.  friendships have been broken.  relationships severed.  harvests withered.  fields laid bare and fallow.  have any of my endeavours this year borne fruit?  what do i have to show for all my labors beyond fields still empty and quiet, the potential of bounty and quickening that they promise seeming more and more like a cruel tease every year.  

    i have given up thinking and saying to people "let's hope next year will be better," because the last few years just seemed to have exchanged one grief for another.  one challenge is put to rest by the rising of another.  i can't remember the time i was able to come together with friends for the simple purpose of celebrating life well lived, or the last time i was able to raise my voice in thanks without hesitation and preocupation.  this coming year already brings with it new beginnings for people i love, but my joy for them is tempered with sadness for the endings that first will come.

    it's raining outside.  rain, a symbol of life and bounty in the right times, has brought lean times and ruined harvests for many of my friends this year.  the sound of the rain echoes in the silence that should be filled with laughter and footsteps and the fall of coins.  
    it is shallow self-pity, for certain.  i know that i am loved and have many blessings.  i am not ungrateful for those things.  but when they must be enough to sustain me through the winter months, i begin to wonder why it is that i am worthy of even those small things, and why i am not worthy of greater.  

    tomorrow would have been the 75th Birthday of Jim Henson.  

    Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of Terrance Fitz-Henry.  

    and those two thoughts together bring me utterly to tears, and i am finished.  
    Friday, September 9th, 2011
    4:27 pm
    10 Years Ago
    it's the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  everywhere i look there are retrospectives and reflections - "what were you doing/thinking 10 years ago?"  

    i know what i was doing.  the events of that day are etched strongly into my memory.  elders say they remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard that JFK had been assassinated.  i think that 9/11 has become that indelible event for the following generations.  and for a very similar reason.  

    i remember where i was - working at the college i had just gradated from 3 months before.  stopping in at various offices on my morning rounds and gradually seeing the news get worse and worse as i made my way to my office.  speaking with people who were becoming increasingly panicked and distrought.  wondering how all my friends and family who lived in Manhattan were doing.  

    i remember the faces, and the people, and the exact color of the carpet in the office that i stared at as i tried in vain to call cell phones that weren't answering.  all of that is firmly there, probably forever, like a scar on my mind.  

    but that's not really the significance that 9/11 has for me.  the day itself...the events...all of them are simply a moment in time.  instead, i look back on the last ten years and see the country i live in and the world i grew into slowly slide into ruin and disaster.  i have watched civil liberties eroded, and the very foundation of what it means to be an American slowly chipped away by an increasingly brazen conservative minority using the horror and outrage of 9/11 as a source of seemingly unlimited fuel for their forges to reshape America into their own vision.

    i say "America" here instead of "The United States" because the one reflects culture and identity while the other reflects a political state.  and while both have been under attack for the last ten years, it is the American culture, dream and ideal that has taken the most damage.  

    ten years ago i was a fresh college graduate, ready to enter the world of unlimited promise and prosperity that i had been watching through all my years of growing up.  now that world is gone, probably forever.  my eternal present has remained rocky and my future uncertain.  there is probably a good chance that i will leave this world no richer than i came into it.  there is probably a good chance that my own personal prosperity will never improve beyond my current state.  there is probably a good chance that the world as i know it - the birds and the air and the oceans and the trees and the beasts - will no longer exist by the time i am put into the ground.  there is probably a very good chance that the United States of America as we currently understand it today will no longer exist by the time the children i very likely will not have are old enough to say a Pledge of Allegiance schools.  

    would this be the world i lived in if the response to the terrorist attack on 9/11 had not been what it was?  possibly.  the people who are working feverishly to reshape America into a land of opportunity only for them have always been here, and will always be here.  there will always be people who seek to erase the idea of "Liberty And Justice For All" from the minds of those people who call this nation home.  perhaps things would be just as bad now without the Towers coming down.  after all, we had already elected a President who was steering the nation in that direction.  

    but i wonder if things would have gotten this bad without that explosive fuel that erupted from the airplanes on a beautiful morning in September.  i wonder if we would still be in the position we are today if our vision had not been so clouded by the torrent of ash and metal that rained down on a terrified people.  i wonder if we would be facing the problems we face today if the voices of reason had not been drowned out by the screams of those crying for blood so that they could more conveniently line their pockets with gold.  

    that is what 9/11 means to me, and i think about it every single time i see a new news article that proves how far we've fallen and how bottomless the pit we're plummeting into seems to be.  For me, that day has stretched out into a never-ending day that's lasted 10 years and seems set to last another 50. If the memory of the day is a scar, then the results have been like a broken limb set improerly and healed badly.  

    we limp into the future.  
    Thursday, August 18th, 2011
    1:07 pm
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    Wednesday, August 17th, 2011
    12:17 pm
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    Tuesday, August 16th, 2011
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    • Fri, 23:42: You're only sad because you went in with the expectation of 100%. You just need to revise your expectations to 0%, then you'll be happy.#fb
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    Friday, August 12th, 2011
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    Thursday, August 11th, 2011
    12:17 pm
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    Tuesday, August 9th, 2011
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    • Mon, 17:42: My life experiences have taught me that prosperity is either a complicated illusion or the result of cheating. So, THAT's awesome. #fb
    • Tue, 00:56: RT @j_zimms: Great post on the riots and what's behind them, from inside London.
    • Tue, 00:56: When we weren't looking England started tearing itself apart... /via @j_zimms
    • Tue, 01:02: Maybe it's time we started realizing that Obama is not so much a bad president as this nation, as a concept, doesn't work.
    Monday, August 8th, 2011
    12:17 pm
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